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Once you receive your Admission Letter from your desired university and arrange your funds to study abroad, you can apply for the student visa.

Getting a student visa is quite challenging as a lot of documentation is involved in the process. Moreover, every country has a different set of requisites so it’s essential to be well acquainted with the visa requirements of the country you want to study in.

An in-depth understanding of the process of applying for the student visa can help you plan and be rest assured of completing the process with precision. Here’s where we can help you, we are the leading study abroad consultants in India.

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Our team of Country Specific Career Advisors will guide and support you throughout the process, right from filling in the visa application forms to getting the documents ready and submitting them on time.

The application process for a study abroad student visa can be confusing because it’s different for different countries. With that being said, if you follow these basic guidelines as well as those from the state department of the country where you’re going to be studying, you should have no trouble.

Unfortunately, unlike a passport, there is no single application for a Student Visa as the requirements differ from country to country.

You should be to visit the Border Agency website of your host country. This is where you can find your visa application. While all their websites differ, they can be navigated similarly. Look for a section titled “Students” or “Studying in…” There should be a frequently asked questions, or FAQ, section and a section explaining both the parts of the application and the terms used in the application. Don’t be afraid to use the glossary. As you will soon find, English usage isn’t the same everywhere in the world.

Many applications are done on a point-based system. Provided that you meet the financial requirement and are sponsored by an accredited institution, then you should have the required amount of points needed for the visa. As mentioned earlier, there is no general application for a visa, so below are written suggested tips that should clarify a few aspects of the applications in general and hopefully make the whole process a little smoother for you. In addition to the basic online application, here is what is often required for a study abroad visa; however, be sure to check with your host country for specific guidelines and requirements.

Standard Visa Application Materials:

  • A letter from your abroad institution on their letterhead stating that they are sponsoring you. It should include things like tuition and room and board costs, proof of housing, etc.
  • Written proof that you have a certain amount of money in a bank account with your name on it with which you will use to live
  • Proof that you have some way of paying your tuition. Obtain your biometrics.
  • Your passport. At this point, you should already have a passport. You will be required to mail it in along with the rest of the documents proving that you have the means to live in that specific country for a summer, semester or year. You will get your passport back with the visa inside.
  • Passport quality photos. You should be able to find every county’s specifications on their respective visa website. As you did with your US passport, you can probably get your photos at any local CVS, Walgreens, etc. Don’t attempt to take your photo. You only have enough time to apply for your visa once, and you can’t afford to have your application rejected due to a poor-quality photo.

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